Thanksgiving Hospitality

Set an extra place or two at your Thanksgiving table next year . . .

and share your holiday food, family and traditions with an international student.  Past students say this is one of the most memorable experiences they have while in the U.S. while Hosts & families tell us they enjoy making lifetime international friends.

In 2019, 71 MFIS volunteers responded to over 200 international students, welcoming them into their homes to share the holiday spirit and a great Thanksgiving meal. One host told us “We had a lovely time with our student, Yurika, from Japan…It is a wonderful way to meet other people and to share our holiday with those who might not be able to celebrate with others.”

We expect much student interest next year and your registration will  help us meet each and every student’s request to participate in this opportunity.  A Volunteer Thanksgiving Registration Form will be available here at the end of September 2020.

If you are a new volunteer, click to complete the Volunteer Application Form (VAF)

and we will contact you in the fall for Thanksgiving registration.  This form helps us to meet University requirements by pre-approving volunteers to host  students in their homes.  Please note: you only need to fill out a VAF once.  If you are already a volunteer, we will automatically contact you in the fall to register.

Students – Experience a traditional Thanksgiving celebration. . .

the most  American of all holidays!   MFIS Volunteers are eager to welcome you and your family or friends into their homes to share food, family and traditions.

Marilyn from Singapore told us “Leah was an amazing host with her family and everyone could feel the warmth of the Thanksgiving spirit in their generosity and exuberance!”

A Student Thanksgiving Registration Form will be available here in early October 2020 so you may join a local family on Thursday, November 26, 2020 and enjoy this truly American experience.

Contact MFIS Office at (email subject: Thanksgiving Hospitality) if you have further questions.