Each year MFIS volunteers and their families invite international students, scholars and their families to join them in their homes for a traditional Thanksgiving celebration. This is an opportunity for our students and their families to experience a unique holiday with a local family, and to try traditional Thanksgiving foods.

In 2017 MFIS volunteers broke another record in welcoming 192 international students into their homes to celebrate Thanksgiving on November 23rd.  A huge THANK YOU to our volunteers for opening your homes and sharing their culture with our visiting international students.

Volunteer Hannah Pinkerton shares a Thanksgiving Story of uniting past and present international student that she has hosted over the years:    This year in addition to eight of us regulars we invited four international students.  Sara from Iran came to us four years ago thru MFIS and brought her Russian friend.  Two boys were assigned to us this year—one from India and one from Germany.  After eating turkey we spent an hour over the atlas talking languages and countries.  When it was time to leave I asked if they wanted me to send the group photo.  They proclaimed, “oh we have become Facebook friends and then we’ll have it”.  Since then the four of them have gone to dinner at least twice and have sent me photos of their dinners out.  Now I am sending you thanks for sending them to us.

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