Madison Friends of International Students not only relies on the valuable donation of time and materials from our wonderful volunteers, we also gratefully appreciate financial support from our generous donors. When you donate to MFIS, your contributions go directly towards the programs that provide hospitality and support for visiting students here in Madison. Whether it is our Furniture Program, Capitol Reception, or Welcome Picnic, MFIS programs enrich our community and build ties with other communities around the globe.

Thank to our 2015-2016 donors for their generous support!

Friendship Force
University League, Inc
UW Credit Union
Alliant Energy Foundation
American Family Mutual Insurance Company
Alain Hung
Barbara Rosenthal
Benjamin & Britta Lindberg
Bonnie Griskavich
Bruce Levin
Carson Mettel
Catherine Brown
Coe Williams
Cynthia Bush
Dean Yeazel
Dee Kuech
Dilip and Jeanne Patel
Dorothy Churchwell
Ella Mae Matsumura
Ellen Fitzsimmons
Emy Gartzke
Gene & Bea Dewey
Glenn Wavrunek
Gordon Faulkner
Harold Klabunde
Helen & Keith Lodge
Helen Findley
Helen Thayer
Inge Harris
Irene Ilgen
Ivy Rosenthal
James & Shirley Lake
Jan Robertson
Jobelle Shands
John Murphy
Joy Rice
Karen Pasch
Karen Pope
Katherine Masden
Kim Vergeront
Lois Hindhede
Margaret G. Skinner
Marguerite & James Sykes
Maria Hanson
Marilyn Fayram
Mark & Sarah Sundquist
Mary Denig
Mary Norton
Maureen Kind
Milton Ford
Nancy Schultz
Norris & Sandra Glick
Patricia Brady
Raymond Balfour
Reta Harring
Richard McCoy
Robert Auner & Lois Bergerson
Robert Nolan & Martha Olsen
Robert & Mary Nellis
Robert & Joanne Lenburg
Sara & Ed Gleason
Shirlee Lendved
Susan Becker
Susan Connors
Tom Durkin
Vicki Anthony
William Kilgour