Currently, MFIS needs help with the following:

Temporary Homestay Hosts— Volunteers take students into their homes for limited stays (2-3 days) while they organize permanent housing. Volunteers are needed most at the beginning of each semester, but may occasionally be called on at other times. For more information email temphomestay@mfismadison.org.

Global Friends Conversation Partners — Local residents are paired with international visitors. Partners then decide how often and where to meet, and what they would like to do. Conversation practice is helpful, but this is not instruction. We always have many more students who want to participate in this program than we have volunteers- so please sign up to volunteer today! Our Global Friend coordinator will contact you once she has found a match that meets your request. For more information email globalfriends@mfismadison.org.

Furniture Program — Furniture is currently located in a garage behind the Dale Heights Presbyterian Church at 5501 University Avenue in Madison. Walk west on Norman Way for about 200 feet just past the church.  You could help with clerical matters, work with students selecting furniture or deliver furniture, If you are willing to help call Mike vonS at 608-620-8780 or email  furniture@mfismadison.org.

English Classes — For many years, experienced ESL teachers have offered English classes to family members of international students. Cultural discussions add to the fun for both students and teachers. Teachers are needed for classes held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. For more information email EnglishClasses@MFISMadison.org.

Administrative Personnel— Help from home! Are you fairly tech-savvy, familiar with Microsoft Office programs, email, and enjoy organization? MFIS is looking for someone to manage office tasks. Time commitment approximately 5 hours per week, all of which can be done from home! For more information email info@mfismadison.org.

Thanksgiving Hospitality Hosts — Invite one or more international students to join you and your family this Thanksgiving. This is a great opportunity to share a very unique US American tradition with our international visitors. What better way to give thanks than invite someone, who would otherwise spend the holiday alone, into your home for a traditional home-cooked meal. For more information email thanksgiving@mfismadison.org.

Donate Today — Help us continue the goodwill that began in 1952 by supporting MFIS financially so that we can provide a warm Wisconsin welcome to even more international students as our programs expand and interest increases. No donation is too big or too small.

Volunteer Application Form — To get involved in one of our programs, learn more, or have a member of our Board of Directors reach out to you email info@mfismadison.org or click the VAF button to fill out our Volunteer Application Form.VAF_button (small)

Update Your Communication Preferences and Contact Information — As MFIS grows and expands our means of communication, we want to make sure we keep everyone updated and informed. Please tell us how you would prefer we communicate with you and whether you have any updated communication information (email address, new postal address, etc.). To provide this information, please click here.